We are all multidimensional beings with complex biological, psychological and spiritual needs, yearning to experience balance and wholeness in our lives. Hakomi is a “psychology of awakening” to our authentic selves, our essence and the discovery of keys to express from fullness.

Character and Essence

Our character is like a set of clothes that we put on to protect us from the elements, to hide what is underneath, to give a certain impression to our social world. And like the clothes we choose to wear in our lives, the characteristics of character reflect something of the qualities of our essence. A distortion maybe, and a one-dimensional expression of the fullness/wholeness that is underneath.

      • Key practices for integrating growth & development
      • A deep psychological & spiritual healing experience
      • A balanced, accessible approach to transformational work
      • Greater vision, clarity & movement in the areas where
        you’re stuck
      • Keys to ground in your authentic Self
      • Tools to transform beliefs that cause unnecessary suffering & block emotional nourishment
      • Expanded mind-body awareness for holistic healing
      • Techniques for unfolding experiences & living more consciously
      • Insights for fostering greater intimacy & connections with others

By Skype, Zoom or at The Flowing River Sanctuary: $65 — $95 one hour session.

One Hour Introductory Hakomi Session 50$.

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Experience a deep soft shift. Bring more wholeness, connection and vitality into your life. 

Hakomi is a body-centered, somatic psychotherapy. The body is viewed as a door that can be opened to reveal the whole character and belief system of the individual. The body’s structure and habitual patterns become a powerful access route to unconscious, core material. Loving presence and a healing relationship are central to Hakomi.

We integrate presence with unique Hakomi techniques to allow rapid access to unconscious beliefs and early experiences that shape our lives and relationships. When unconscious, this hidden material creates projections, conflict and disharmony in our interactions and inner lives. Once conscious and directly experienced, these patterns are available for transformation and reintegration. Powerful emotions, memories, and trauma may surface during the process when a appropriate. This is handled safely, gently, and effectively.

Sessions include, but are not limited to:


  • Establishing safety, self-honesty, witnessing presence, and resourcing.
  • Exploration of barriers to true nourishment and seeing when we “organize out” and learn to “take in” what is wanted.
  • Dissolving limiting core beliefs in safe and non-invasive ways.
  • Unmasking, and unpacking past emotional wounds and the behaviors that guard them.
  • Resolving issues that block the fullness of your expression.
  • Penetrating veils of illusion and moving toward a vision of wholeness.
  • Exploring new possibilities in your relationships.
  • Widening your capacity to embrace all aspects of life.
  • Integrating and grounding your body-mind-heart-being.
  • Returning to cosmic humor.

    The word Hakomi comes from the Hopi Indians. Hakomi means to look to see where do I stand in relationship to these “many realms”. Where do I hold on to positions in life? Where do I feel disconnected in body, mind and heart? Where do I flow? Where do I resist? What am I afraid of? What am I? These “many realms” can translate to everything you experience in your life from emotions, thoughts, body sensations, memories, beliefs, to the myriad of spiritual, religious, philosophical, and political views, ad infinitum. Everything that arises in our experience can be investigated with soft eyes and a gentle heart, in this present moment, without altering any part of it. Instead, we learn to welcome everything as it is.

    Hakomi is a “psychology of awakening” to our authentic selves. Loving presence and a healing relationship are central to Hakomi. An exquisite sensitivity and attunement between client and practitioner are developed.  We integrate and use presence, mindfulness, sensitivity (or nonviolence) and the body to study and transform the organization of experience or veils of illusion. It is a present-moment-centered, graceful, paradoxically powerful method for support, growth and healing. Hakomi therapy is a form of body-centered, somatic psychotherapy developed by Ron Kurtz in the 1970s and furthered by a group led by Kurtz in the 80s.


    I trained in the Hakomi Method of healing for four years after obtaining a BA in Psychology, completing two years of graduate study in Theology and Transpersonal Psychology at Boston University, and many years of working as a Counselor, Minister, Yoga and Massage Therapist with young adults and women. Later I expanded my practice to include all people including those with special needs. My three-year Hakomi training began with Manuela Mischke Reeds, Jon Eisman, Scott Eaton, and Rob Fischer in San Francisco (2002 – 2004). We moved to the east coast a year before that training ended. I completed an additional full two-year Hakomi course In Princeton, N.J. with Jaci Hull, Melissa Grace, and Gregory Johanson and graduated in 2005. I value and utilize the tools of Hakomi yet the practice of Presence is the foundation of all that I do. I worked privately with Joe Sousa and Marlies Cocheret for a number of years after they introduced me to the Hakomi Method in 2001.


    According to the creators, the Hakomi method combines Western psychology, systems theory, and body-centered techniques with the mindfulness and non-violence of Eastern philosophy. Hakomi is grounded in six principles: mindfulness, nonviolence, organicity, unity, body-mind holism, and the truth of who you are. Practitioners of Hakomi look at people as self-organizing systems, organized psychologically around core memories, beliefs, and images; this core material expresses itself through habits and attitudes that sustain people as individuals. Hakomi is a method for assisting people toward transformation in their way of being in the world through working with core material and dissolving core beliefs. Hakomi relies on mindfulness of body sensations, emotions, and memories, and may follow a general flow to create a healing relationship, establish mindfulness, evoke experience, contact underlying material, and allow healing and transformation to happen. Time is then spent on integration of healing, and self-realization with the whole of life. True healing continues to unfold long after the session has ended.


Available for appointments via Zoom (meeting ID: 5554329708) or in-office. Call 831.334.4051.