Inspired and relaxed conversation, light-hearted humor, and pointers for living awake.

Do you wonder what it would be like to live without the interpretations of mind?

What is — is not what causes disturbance or suffering. It is the thoughts believed that bind us (albeit temporary). Beneath every life circumstance or story of separation is the direct experience of non-separation, oneness, wholeness.

Spiritual awakening is a shift in identification and the beginning of an ongoing mystical transformation beyond belief.

The way that I conduct these meetings, often referred to as “Satsang,” are as an ongoing invitation to be, without pretense; to give full allowance for the wholeness of you. In doing so, liberation unfolds naturally, and uniquely for each person, to the direct experience of undivided wholeness. You do not lack anything to realize this. Inquiry, contemplation, and a stillness practice of “allowing everything to be as it is” — and showing up for your life as it is, are doorways to ‘direct knowing’ — ‘prajna’ — and embodying your wholeness.

Be Still — relax — make a commitment to return to the source of you!

All are welcome — no prior experience required — see events page for schedule.

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Praise for Meetings with Prajna

“I love attending Satsang with Prajna. They feed my soul. Her message of Truth is clear, direct, and infused with the warmth and love of Presence. I always leave feeling expanded. Thank you Prajna for your heart wisdom that touches my soul deeply.”

~ Reverend Janee Marth

“I really enjoyed the Monday session and meeting you! Compared to many other meditation / satsang sessions I’ve attended, your work is outstanding! I Would like to be on your e-mail list and to attend other sessions.”

~ Dennis GleasonSacramento, California

“For the past year I have had the privilege of hosting a monthly meeting with Prajna.  Every time I sit with her, she brings forth a heart to heart teaching. Her approach, like that of her teacher Adyashanti, is that awakening is available for everyone, not just a chosen few.  I am deeply blessed to have this guide in my life.”

~ Coy Cross PhDEast Bay, California

“I have experienced many different forms of therapy and meditation, though never anything close to the directness of Prajna’s approach. She really cuts through layers of unnecessary ‘garbage’, that I am extremely happy to be without. Both the group and private sessions are truly extraordinary.”

~ Zachary LandauBoulder, Colorado


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