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 Loving, grounding, awakening, wholeness

“My experiences with Prajna have been the most comprehensive I’ve felt in my spiritual journey: loving, grounding, awakening and embracing and being embraced by a wholesome understanding from no belonging. I also felt part of a togetherness with companions in beautiful retreats, held and supported within our own journeys. Fearless sharing and courageous personal truth. The experience with Prajna continues, as she keeps on supporting in subtle and also in a human way, with wise guidance and deep love. And above all, I love it that her good sense of humor perseveres… All joy! Gracias” — SMG, England

 Beauty, safety, deep human connection

“I attended Prajna’s 7 Day retreat at the stunning Hidden Paradise Retreat Centre in Spain in November 2016. Those 7 days on retreat were truly life changing.  I experienced more beauty, safety and deep human connection than at any other time in my life. Prajna created a safe and impeccably held container for all participants to engage fully with their healing work. I returned home with such clarity about what was no longer serving in my life along with the energy to make the necessary changes. I cannot recommend Prajna’s work highly enough. It is a great privilege to work with her.” — K.P. Devon, UK

 I am profoundly changed

“In an evening I was profoundly changed forever. I had rediscovered the love in my life. Peeling away the layers I found a true cause in life….to always endeavor to feel love. You are my most favorite guide ever and I so look forward to seeing you….soon!” — B. C. UK

 Rare, authenticity, deep integration

“Thank You Prajna for synthesizing Satsang with body centered intelligence; a deep integration. You are an amazing woman with such integrity. Thank you for holding space with authenticity.  It’s rare, deeply valued and clarifying.  Your retreats are an opportunity for depth and your meditations opening on so many levels. It’s an honor to be helped by your guidance and care.” — R. C. Bournemouth, UK

 Ease, peace, abiding love

“I am still in a state of disbelief somewhat. After a rocky 40-year quest in pursuit of self-knowledge and inner peace, I have suddenly had the spontaneous and lasting experience of exactly this. Most of my life has been a struggle with chronic anxiety and depression.
Immediately following Prajna’s retreat a month ago, I have been surrounded with a profound feeling of ease and peace, of certain and abiding love. The anxiety has evaporated. I can see the triggers for depression, and they do not trigger me. This is for me nothing short of miraculous. Thank you Prajna, for your calm, your compassion, care and steadfast reassurance. You are an amazing woman and healer, I am forever grateful.” — A.B. Devon, UK

 Engages the whole being: body, mind, heart and soul

“Prajna’s indigenous healing work is deeply transformational. The practices and processes she shares are so embodied, offering wisdom that speaks to and engages with the whole being: body, mind, heart and soul. As a woman it is so very refreshing and inspiring to connect with and learn from a woman in her power, allowing all of her fullness, living as Presence. Human and Divine. Prajna’s exceptional guidance in satsang and one-to-one sessions has been invaluable to me. Through her work, I have experienced simultaneously a shedding of old patterns and beliefs and an inner blossoming and allowing of my strength, truth and fullness. I am learning to meet life as it is rather than trying to control it. There is such freedom in this. I am excited to continue this journey and I am grateful for Prajna’s wise and loving guidance as I travel.” — A.F. Bournemoth, UK

 My true self is surfacing without compromise

“Prajna is a wise, intuitive and strong being who has the ability to see clearly what is going on for each person. Her warm and caring heart makes me feel totally comfortable and loved unconditionally. Her insight and presence has healed issues I have had in my small intestine for years. I feel my foundations are getting stronger and my True Self is surfacing without compromise. I am speaking my truth more easily and I fully recommend anyone, if they feel called, to experience and spend time with this amazing woman in meditations, for one to one sessions, or in her potent silent healing retreats.”— G.H. Devon, UK

 Beyond my greatest imagination

“Hey Prajna. How fabulous to have met you and David. What a great team you two are. Thank you so much for an amazing three days. This event was beyond my greatest imagination. Truly. Integration is just so beautiful. Thank you, Thank you!” — G. F. Bristol, UK

 A singularly potent experience

“I’m new to Prajna’s work, having only attended a single short retreat, however it was a singularly potent experience.  It was healing on so many levels has had a huge impact on both my behavior and attitude.  A month on and the work is still very alive and providing continued guidance.  So grateful to have had the good fortune to come across such deep and powerful healing and am already booked for more, this time a whole week.  Can’t wait! Much love and gratitude.” — G.N. Bournemouth, UK

 Peeling away the layers, changed forever

“In an evening I was profoundly changed forever. I had rediscovered the love in my life. Peeling away the layers I found a true cause in life….to always endeavor to feel love. You are my most favorite guide ever and I so look forward to seeing you….soon!” — B. C. UK

 So many lessons, rich, deep healing

“Well… wow…. I didn’t quite expect what I paid for. I got much more in every sense of the word. Having done a number of sacred plant medicine ceremonies over the years, all in South Africa before relocating to England, nothing remotely compares to the weekend with you and David. So many lessons, so many tools, such richness that has left me so inspired to carry on this deep healing for myself, yet suitably curious enough to journey with you again. Professional, deep and ever so powerful is your work and the evident respect you have for the plants and the cultures who have shared their wisdom with us is really rather contagious. I have come away from your weekend deeply humble, somewhat tender but with the most beautiful peace simmering within me, especially that first week. I want more of feeling like this. So many profound wonders stood out for me that weekend, not least your grace and power which I deeply admired and respected. Your work is beautiful and has touched my soul. I will see you again for more when time and money allows. Bless you Prajna.”— G.F. Bristol, UK

 I progressed light years on my path

“This was my second retreat with Prajna. It was magic! I was crying a lot and laughing too. All in silence! David, her assistant, has a real good sense of humor. I feel that Prajna’s power of healing is increasing. She connects perfectly with the innermost structure of everybody. She knows what is best to progress on the own path and to become more human. I feel that I progressed light years on my way to full development. The main ingredient of the retreat was love. It opened our hearts becoming one being in the silence, without words to separate us. Then there was mamasita and grandfather. This time I truly fell in love with mamasita! At the end of the retreat I felt such a deep peace inside me like never before! And it is an ongoing sensation. Thank you, Prajna.” — F.S. Spain, Germany

 We are all in this together, a bond of mutual support

“I was intrigued by the combination of disciplines: discourse, meditation, silence, plant journeying, all unfolding in a beautifully remote natural setting. It went far beyond that, far beyond my expectations. Wise woman Prajna held a safe and trusting container for all to embrace their deepest shadow work, where everyone shared and gained with each consecutive experience. She, an open, grounded vessel, with 100% committed presence, by pure example held us to our task. “We are all in this together and share much in common.” was a continual theme, providing the bond of mutual support, love and vulnerability needed. David, her male counterpart, added the perfect balance necessary for healing: the sacred balance of the divine masculine and feminine. This journey of the heart expanded, deepening with each day into a natural state of softening surrender, guided by our continual embodiment of the present moment. Choosing to let go, while holding our conscious intentions, we gratefully emerged with renewed strength, clarity and grace. For anyone interested in meeting oneself heart-on with utmost honesty, I highly recommend Prajna and her work, rooted in the natural ways. Thank you Prajna for all that you continue to give. It is obvious that your energy flows from the Source!” — A.M. Nevada City, CA

 Deep sacred healing space, sacred masculine and feminine

“Prajna held the group with great integrity, creating deep sacred healing space, and an environment of nourishing silence. To experience myself, and to witness, the profound clearings and healings was a tremendous gift. David was awesome too. His embodiment of the healthy male, in support of the sacred feminine, was wonderful to behold. And Hidden Paradise was the icing on the cake – WOW! Thank you.” — S. K. Nevada City, CA

 Giving my life strength, healing, clarity

“The retreat of late May has been very interesting and intense for me, It was very amazing both the work done by Prajna and the way the participants have responded. I have felt a great healing and I feel more clarity. This is giving strength to my life. Grateful to be able to participate in this retreat with Prajna and the whole group. Without any doubt I would recommend this work to anyone with a real interest in healing and truth. LOVE.” — Jose, M. Spain

 I felt safe, secure, supported. Emotional and mental heaviness left me. A powerful and lasting transformation.

“I have never before been on a weeklong silent retreat before. Everything was organized beautifully and the choice of place for the retreat was truly heavenly so was the name “Hidden Paradise” south of Spain. I had never had an experience with plant medicine from the Jungles of Amazon, combined with deep energy work, non-dual teachings/Satsang and Deepening into Silence meditations. This combination allowed for a powerful and lasting inner transformation that I saw in every single participant of the retreat. David, Prajna and the trust and sincerity of the group truly touched me. I felt safe, secure, supported. I could ask any questions and receive skillfully catered answers. I saw that everybody: participants, facilitators and Hidden Paradise crew were all there for all of our healing, for our good. This allowed me and other participants to open and expose very deep untreated scars and allow healing to take place. The amount of emotional and mental heaviness that left me over the course of the retreat was truly surprising and unexpected. Prajna and David are hard working angels, fully dedicated in everybody’s healing. They are masters in what they do. They know what to do, they see your pain, your sufferings, they will give all they have to help you heal. All you have to do is show up with sincerity to be free, healed and happy. If you see free places for next retreat and you are unsure to go or not, don’t wait, just do it and go. Your healing cannot wait, like David said: “Sandis, the time is now. The world will benefit from a healed you.”” — S.J. Ireland

 More expressive way of being

“This is a beautiful, powerful and deeply healing retreat. You will be held and supported in the warmth of Prajna’s deep wisdom teaching and love to let go of whatever is in the way of you living life more fully and wholeheartedly. A month later the ripples of this medicine are still shimmering through me, opening my heart more and more into a freer and more expressive way of being. I am so grateful and so in love.” — Pemma, England

 Re-birthed, open and transformed

“There are no words to express my deep gratitude for the powerful healing I received on Prajna’s retreat. My heart, mind, body and soul feel re-birthed, open and transformed. I sense this deeper fragrance of peace and serenity within, which is being mirrored back to me each and every moment. Prajna’s divine feminine healing gifts and deep awareness allowed each participant to feel held, supported and loved through sometimes difficult and painful past experiences. I would definitely recommend anyone who has an interest in awakening to their True Nature to attend one of her retreats as her commitment, strength, love and integrity is beyond reproach.” — Atreyi, Dublin, Ireland

 Guided meditations and gentle healings

“ Your gifts are many dear Prajna, and I am full of gratitude that you answered the call of the Plants so that you could open this sacred gift fully. Thank you for your courage to share and explore this swelling gift with us all. Deep bows.
Your guided meditations and gentle healings during the ceremonies shone a light on my remembering of this silent fathomless well that lies ‘with-in’. May I tumble fully!!!! You are a true mirror Prajna.” — Julie, Ireland

 I can face my shadow

“During the retreat I’ve gone through different states and experiences. I am grateful. I can face my shadow I have to face it if I want to have a stable base from which to deepen. I feel much gratitude to you for your work, with great commitment and incredible beauty, difficult to forget.” — Jose, Grananda, Spain

 Enjoyed the silence, the calm, the healing

“Many thanks for your strength, energy, and the large responsibility and love that you have shown in every moment caring for us in the large retreat. I have very much enjoyed the silence, the calm, and the interior journey of healing and consciousness. I very much liked the guided meditations, the exercise of listening to presence, the rituals of recognition in the eyes of all and everyone in the ceremony.” — S.M. Orgiva, Spain

 Deep insights

“Hi Prajna, Thank you for the wisdom you carry and for the immensely unique and healing experience. I had deep insight to motherly attachments and beliefs and co-dependencies, which were very revealing and freeing. Much love to you and to your beautiful daughters.” — E.C. Ireland

 Tremendous peace and freedom in my being

“I am happy to be alive, especially at this time to witness and be a part of this collective spiritual Renaissance. There is a tremendous freedom and peace in my being and more and more it doesn’t seem all that far away anymore. Just underneath the surface noise, it is there. I am just allowing this, stepping out of the way letting Being Be. Thank you for your weekly meditations :)” — A.J. England

 Challenging, emotional, funny

“Thank you so much for holding the space for the most incredible, enriching, challenging, emotional, funny and transformational week I have ever had.” — B.S. Bournemouth, England

 Sharp sword of clarity

“Your all pervading love and sharp sword of clarity have pierced deep layers of misunderstanding that had been so good at hiding before…” — L.D. Orgiva, Spain

 A wonderful space, deep and caring

“I’m very grateful for this retreat. Prajna holds a wonderful space that is both deep and caring. I felt very safe to go on a journey within myself under her guidance…” — D.S. Bristol, England

 Most powerful week of my life

“Retreat was the most powerful and transforming week of my life. I was so meant to be there. You are such a powerful facilitator. ” — N.G. Ireland

 Descending into my body with presence

“I feel deep respect for how you hold a circle and facilitate this work. I want to be more selective in what I bring into my life and what I serve. I am continuing the diet. I feel a strong call to do so. I take the tincture on daily base. It heals a lot. Things I wasn’t aware of in my system are presenting fully. But I can sit with this, descending into my body, looking at it, and feeling it. During the days I can do all practical things that I was postponing for quite a while, because I didn’t like to do them. It’s very fulfilling to scrap them from my list. My dreams are clear with much shifting. LOVE.” — K.V. Netherlands

 Magic Woman, I feel spontaneous, open

“After the retreat when I went home I noticed this quality of being present. When meeting people and talking to them, I saw them, heard them. I notice I’m present with them, with trees, with goats, with my sitting on the chair, with surrounding. Looking at the mountain I felt deep silence. I enjoy something I almost never and reluctantly did before, taking invitation by a neighbor to drink some chai and have a talk. I feel spontaneous, open. I find myself thinking, ‘I am very surprised of myself.’ Just feel empty now and hungry. You make this so simple, so direct. Thank you Prajna.” — J.R. Estonia

 Thank you – deeply – for this experience, sense of humor and light heartedness

“Loved the retreat. Silence was powerful – the energetic container it created gave so much power to the ceremonial space. On several occasions during your teachings, your words really penetrated deep into to me – I felt a true resonation with them – little boundary between us. I felt the indigenous healing ceremonies were very different to what I had experienced in other places. The way you orchestrated the night and tended to us was more free of boundaries, less of a gap — a greater closeness, of course your teachings and mentoring helped with this, but it felt very ‘close’ just in your being. The interweaving and synergistic characteristics of the meditations, teachings, silence, plant teachers, group of people really culminated in an environment of accelerated processing for me, of constant learning (at times very challenging); it predisposed an energy and a mindset in me to be continuously open and receptive.” — Chris C. England

 Big shift in my life

“Hi Prajna, Thank you for amassing Sacred experience. Honestly I feel big shift in my life. I’m still unhappy, confused and kind of lost, but I am not taking it so seriously. I feel a power like never before and deep quiet. In “meditation” I processed enormous fears. Since then the space around my heart seems to be more full. I feel overall a subtle yet very good feeling in body. Thank you so much again.” — M.P. Czech Republic

 Such expansion and clarity

“I felt so expanded with such clarity at the retreat. Albeit with the mind still holding on to some of its more deep-rooted addictions and neuroses. I want to take that level of clarity and expansion into ordinary life.” — C.K. England