Sindona Cassteel

I hope the folks in Nevada City know what a treasure you are offering — elegant, concise, and relevant, an oasis in the whirlwind of life.

Sindona CassteelMFT, Marriage and Family Therapist-Nevada City, CA/Waikoloa, Hawaii
Sally Watkins

It is more than three hours round trip for me to visit Prajna and her wonderful Satsang but it is such a joy to be with her openhearted presence. Her path is an amazing story of strength and courage and I eagerly await the completion of the book she is writing about it. I find her so ordinary, so comfortable, so unpretentious, yet a model of embodiment and an extraordinary teacher. I am honored to know her.

Sally WatkinsLCSW, Psychotherapist and Writer-El Dorado Hills, CA
Patricia Johnston

My husband was referred to Prajna by another local physician for spiritual counseling and support during the course of his illness and eventual death from a brain tumor. During the final two years of his life characterized by biomedically-induced anxiety and fear of the unknown, Doug met with Prajna individually and on retreats, finally he met with her in our home during his last days. After Doug’s passing Prajna inspired hundreds of our friends, family, and community members by offering the closing words at his final rite of passage, his celebration of life service. Community members still praise her inspirational words and presence from his memorial service. I continue to attend Prajna’s meetings and retreats. I am continually impressed by her wisdom, intuition, stillness, peace, and clarity. Prajna has a reflexive, accepting, gentle manner about her that encourages giving voice to our most intimate spiritual inquiries, and innate wisdom, even in the presence of strangers.

Patricia JohnstonRN, MA-Nevada City, CA
Tom Wilson

Prajna, you have a heartfelt and authentic human voice. Your writing compels us and teaches us how to see life and special children through the eyes of love. This is solid good writing that flows well and speaks to all of us. Congratulations! You are on your way with an invaluable book on healing with love. These special kids are unencumbered by the concept-making mind that leads to separation; they shine with light and joy. We will learn to include them in what is “normal” because the earth gives us such children, and how they call us to see that they are “here—now” full of love and light, giving their lives to make us see what is the essence in all of us—uncorrupted, innocent—what is at the heart of being. I can see you on Oprah now, sharing your gift with the world.

Tom WilsonPhD-Sacramento, CA
Lita Stone

Prajna’s capacity for presence and clear insight are powerful catalysts for the awakening process. She is a unique gem offering experienced guidance and support to anyone ready to directly experience the power of true essence, and to allow this wisdom to heal, transform and live us more fully. I’m so glad she has returned to our area and is offering a group again for women.

Lita StoneGrass Valley, CA
Aileen MacCabe Melcher

Prajna is the embodiment of compassion and wisdom. She is skilled at gently guiding her students back to the divinity that lies within. The retreat was a heart and mind opening experience that further enhanced my awareness and inner peace. Mere words cannot describe the magic one can experience at Prajna’s retreat.

Aileen MacCabe MelcherMother, Nurse, Therapist-Kennett Square, PA

What a wealth of jewels—such captivating vignettes—you demask the raging archetypal oppositions—daring the knowingness to taste the facets—calming the children scared of shadows—I so much enjoy your creative radiance—your vision and heart-warming affirmation.

AnonymousParent, Business Owner, Graphic Design Artist-Oregon House, CA
Helena Montelius

I love your writing and the story is so touching… I am pulled in by the spiritual openings your girls give and I want to read more to learn how you were able to transform this situation and not give up in front of such a impossible task.

Helena MonteliusAuthor, Mother and Meditation Teacher-North San Juan, CA
Laurie Jennings

Prajna, I love your dharma talks, the Silence, the dokusans, the laughing, the altar, the love, being in nature, and your sense of humor.

Laurie JenningsWriter-Kimberton, PA
Maya Hill

Prajna’s radiance of light and life is well grounded in the here and now. I value her as a woman, teacher, and friend.

Maya HillSculptor-Nevada City, CA
Jinnae Anderson

The whole experience of the women’s embodiment journey was safe with so much encouragement (as in, everything is welcome) and support for our hearts to be open and for our innate wisdom to emerge. I got in touch with a deep longing to do public speaking. I joined Toastmasters and won a contest, I’m on to the next level and more… It was my experience with the women’s group that propelled me to go forward with this, after years of wanting to.

Jinnae AndersonEditor, Yoga and Meditation Teacher-Morgan Hill, CA
Joel Rumbolo

Prajna once explained that her name means “no bullshit” and that’s exactly what you can expect. I have been on the spiritual path for 35 years but only came to Advaita in the last three. At first I went to gain some experience, some flash to confirm I was awake but when you are in the presence of truth it is evident that there is nothing to be gained. You are already That. Prajna embodies that Truth and points in a tender and compassionate way to the Presence we all are. Prajna’s words are based in the truth that she is living. There is no pretext or falseness. She is a most precious gift to those who have sit in Satsang with her.


Joel RumboloRetired Administrator-Washington, NJ
Zachary Landau

I have experienced many different forms of therapy and meditation, though never anything close to the directness of Prajna’s approach. She really cuts through layers of unnecessary ‘garbage’, that I am extremely happy to be without. Both the group and private sessions are truly extraordinary.

Zachary LandauBaker-Boulder, CO
David Eisenwell

Prajna, How good it was to attend your meeting in truth.
No front: no pretense: just fellowship and joy!  Your “being ” with your daughter, and her playfulness were delightful to behold. I would love to come to a meditation at your home one day!

David EisenwellEarth Thrive -Orangevale, CA
Liz Fassil

Dearest Prajna,

I just finished your Introduction and Prologue section, and all I can say is WOW!!! It’s riveting and powerful—never did I take my eyes off the screen even for a second. I know there are deep spiritual messages at play here, and it’s eloquently conveyed from the beginning. I can only imagine how the layers of your beautiful story will uncover piece by piece. Your story needs to be told to the countless number of people who will be touched by it, and can potentially learn and heal. Can’t wait to read the rest.

Liz Fassil History Lecturer -New York, NY
CM — Ireland

“Prajna lives in our everyday world radiant and at peace. The clarity and compassion in her teachings are uniquely relevant for everyone living the challenge of embodying spiritual awakening during difficult times. She walks with grace knowing this life does not belong to her. She shares light and wisdom from the heart of existence with radical openness, tender vulnerability, and genuine sincerity.”

CM — Ireland
Peter Casen

“What a wealth of jewels—such captivating vignettes—you demask the raging archetypal oppositions—daring the knowingness to taste the facets—calming the children scared of shadows. I so much enjoy Prajna’s creative radiance—her vision and heart-warming affirmation.”

Peter Casen