Join Prajna for a Live Guided Meditation, Silence and Embodiment Practice

This is a full stop from all requirements to — just be.

Our focus is ‘allowing everything to be as it is.’ I offer this guidance for you to directly experience who you truly are—your true nature. Deeply enhanced by our collective presence and your clear aspiration for liberation.

The Potential Benefits:photo_composite

• Befriend yourself with gentle loving kindness

• Go beyond belief in the sabotaging committee in your head—the false

• What no longer serves—falls away

• Reside in your true power—as Awareness

• Embody your life with more clarity, power, compassion, peace, equanimity, harmony, laughter, connection, and fulfillment.

Dear Prajna, Today I sat in on your Meditation on You Tube. Thank you so much for everything you said that is so very helpful and for your Presence. I look forward more than usual now to sitting and falling into Timelessness. I trust this will deepen as I attend to myself in this way. Listening to you and  following along with you helps immensely. Thank you! Love  ~ Mara,  New York
HERE is the link to experience this meditation: Silence—Your Timeless Essence

TIME: Most Thursdays, Meditation: 12:00 to 12:45 PM. Zoom: 12:45 to 1:30 PM PST

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Suggested donation: $5 to $15. Thank you for your generosity.

12:00 to 12:45 PM PST we are live on google hangouts. Prajna’s youtube channel.

12:45 to 1:30 PM PST we have a conversation on Zoom. Prajna’s Meeting ID: 5554329708

See Prajna’s Meditations Playlist to engage with earlier meditations as called to deepen.

Here is the most recent favorite meditation “Flowing with Life,” enjoy

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# 1) Guided Meditation on a particular theme
# 2) A period of abiding stillness (silence) — resting as being.

#3) A short talk on the theme by Prajna. An invitation to share, ask questions, check in.

You are always welcome to send me a contact form with questions.

“The silence inside of you is the sound of your knowledge collapsing. Remember it is you who said, “I want to be free.”  ~ Adyashanti

More Benefits of a Live, Supported Group Practice:

• Resource your True Self

• Emotional and Psychological Detox

• Clarity on your work and vision

• Integrate difficult aspects of spiritual awakening

• Transformational healing of shadow

• Learn to ‘just be’ rest from doing/form

• Listen and live by the formless essence of who you are

• Refreshing sanity check

Donations are appreciated and are tax deductible!

All donations go to our not for profit project called “The Flowing River Sanctuary — A Soft Place to Land.” Learn more about our Flowing River School and Sangha project, history and vision.

Suggested Donation $5 to $15. Thank you!