Praise for Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

“What a powerful interview. I could relate to so much: Catholic Irish family, Theology training, ashram life, shamanism, and the great ability to transform challenge to blessing. Thank you Prajna. I look forward to reading your book and helping you with events in Ireland.”

~ Cris Mulvey, Ireland

“I’ve just watched and listened to your interview with Rick Archer. You are a lovely soul. Part of my practice is understanding and applying the six heart virtues of appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding and valor. How often they came up in the 2 hours!”

~ James Kline, UK

“Who are you when the lights go out?’ Just one of the gems packed into this hugely inspiring video.”

~ DW and LR, States

“I want to learn what you spoke about — ‘how to preserve my life force.’ I’ll be joining you in Global Stillness Meditation.”

~ Minister, UK

“Best interview. I’m also a fan of Adyashanti. I’m going to watch your videos and get to one of your Satsangs.”

~ SV, Long Beach, CA

“I’m love your interview. It is having a wonderful impact on me.”

~ Norma Neilson, Grass Valley, CA