These sessions are often called “Dokusan,” and are an opportunity to speak with me privately about anything related to your awakening process, or practice. These sessions may involve reflective inquiry, contemplation, deep listening, wisdom dialog, and/or silence.

This process is designed to awaken and integrate mind, body, heart and soul into every aspect of your life. Through this process we can bridge the gap between your deepest realization and how you express yourself as a human. No aspect of our humanity is left out of liberation — everyone and everything is included.

These sessions are an open space of compassion to discuss and express freedom, doubt, anxiety, and anything that wants to be seen from a space of wholeness.

• Unpack untruth in a way that feels safe for where you are in your journey.

• Include all parts of who you are, the difficult and as well as the beautiful.

• Integrate new ways of becoming your true self as the old falls away.

• Discover portals that support ‘Being’ who you are, rather than ‘doing’ what you do.

• Embody your deepest realization in everyday life because you are amazing!

I look forward to listening to you and reflecting back to you what you already know deep inside. You are the space in which everything happens. 

with deep love,



Available for appointments via Zoom (meeting ID: 5554329708) or in-office. Call 831.334.4051.