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From the Author, Prajna Ginty
MA International Teacher and Therapist


“Edge of Grace shatters the illusion of a ‘perfect’ life as a means to liberation. This is a true story that touches upon the profound and unique ways that life invites us to ‘wake up.’ And to continue from the mountain top of spiritual transcendence down and in — to our humanity. This amazing human experience that includes embracing tragedy as well as bliss.”

Prajna Ginty, MA, trained, studied and practiced extensively in the world’s wisdom traditions and depth psychology for over thirty years. The integration and embodiment of ‘Being’ grounded and stabilized itself in her through her life as a parent of three children (two with special needs).  Inspired by her first teacher Eunice Zimmerman, her root teacher, Adyashanti, and hundreds of people she has worked with through her meditations, sessions, and Embodiment Intensive — she teaches internationally and lives with her family in Northern California.

Edge of Grace

A Fierce Awakening to Love

‘I move to the narrow edge of the cliff to jump, baby around my middle. The question, Why? Why? Why? bellows from below the knot in my gut, even though I have known for many years that this is not the question of a spiritual warrior. This is not the life I can live.

Liberation has nothing to do with a perfect life. After all, Nancy seemed to have it all: a beautiful family, a thriving career and even a profound spiritual realization full of possibilities. None of these could have possibly foreshadowed the stunning turn of events that took Nancy — literally — to a critical edge that would transform her life, her purpose … her name.

Nancy’s beautiful babies, premature twins Abby and Libby, do not come into this world clothed in lotus blossoms, basking in bliss like her first child. They are blind at delivery, have severe brain injuries, and barely make it out of the operating room. The light they bring lifts the scales from Nancy’s eyes.

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‘There is magic in Prajna’s voice — the breathtaking honest telling of a dramatic human story. The moving, uplifting, cleansing, surging power that makes you feel you’ll never be the same again!’

SARAH TAVNERBBC documentary producer, Oxford

‘This is the story of a Spiritual BadAss! It’s impressive when the gurus and yogis of the world can attain peace by sitting in lotus position in a cave somewhere … But when you can attain true peace and equanimity with the Herculean challenges Prajna has faced — now THAT’s a Spiritual BadAss!’

Lisa Schrader

“Prajna offers us a moving story of one woman’s profound commitment to mothering, awakening and love. Her fierce dedication to follow her own feminine wisdom and truth is so inspiring. Her story shines with courage, beauty, authenticity and redemption.”

Lisa SchraderFounder of

Feature Review: ‘Close encounter with the deepest heart’

By Mara Harnett, New York

“This book is a very special cradle of transforming love. This profound sharing by Prajna impacts me deeply. It’s such a close encounter with the deepest heart, with the essential fabric of love, of belonging, of reaching up to Spirit as we love and raise children. It is an example of living a courageous life and facing great challenges, deeply nourished by Spirit. Here is an example of the capacity to live our deepest knowing with our children, from our true nature.

“Prajna shows us, with gracious detail and intimacy, the portals to being that a mother’s love enters. All the tiger-mother moments of life come up to the surface for me, and the courage of love, as Prajna stands up for her daughters. I felt an intimacy while reading, and pleasure in the language and humor.

“I felt communion and curiosity with the source awareness it expresses. I delighted in each daughter. I was impacted by each hardship and by each communion between mother and child. Those were highlighted to me as I read, the joy and honor that each received. I can feel new awakenings, through Prajna and her beautiful daughters, of truth and love. This is an astounding and vivifying book.”

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More Praise for Edge of Grace

“I loved Edge of Grace. The story itself touched into some deep places inside, being a mom of twins too, but the way it is written with authenticity and reverence for this life has made it a book, a woman, a journey I will not forget. I am deeply grateful for the encouragement I receive reading this generous story…”

—Nat Marcella, Stellenbosch, Western Cap

“Prajna shows us that challenges are opportunities for profound growth toward rock-solid realization and true spiritual maturity.”

Rick Archer, Founder and host of Buddha at the Gas Pump

“Adyashanti spoke highly about you on a retreat I attended. I read your book immediately. I want it for my daughters’ Kindle. I applaud your endurance and ability to use your family life for spiritual growth. Love you and your daughters, even more for your honesty and ability to convey the story, light and love that shines with every word.”

Valerie Hayes, Sacramento, CA

“Prajna vividly charts the universal themes of spiritual seeking through the most humbling emotional ordeals and dark nights to deep and heartfelt satisfaction. You laugh, you cry, and then you come back for more.”

Dr.Haines Ely, KVMR Radio

“Edge of Grace draws you in and doesn’t let go. A real-life page-turner. Emotional, difficult, joyous, all in one. Like life but turned up several notches…. to the ultimate happy ending — Acceptance for All of Life As It Is!

—Anatta Campbell, Author of The Ordinary Buddha

“Deepest respect and appreciation for Prajna’s honest, vulnerable and luminous journey. It is an invitation of the highest order with deep insight and transformative power.”

—Isaac Shapiro, Author of It Happens By Itself and Burning Questions

Edge of Grace pulls every heart string imaginable. Prajna shares her journey with transparent sincerity. From the heights of nirvana to the depths of utter despair, her difficult life’s circumstances become openings for wisdom, love, gratefulness and embodiment. Edge of Grace is a teaching story that shapes itself within the heart of one woman who has been surrendered by life and discovers the innate beauty and intelligence therein.”

—Gloriji Agrelius, East Coast US

“Prajna states, ‘Our capacity to meet pain and difficulty widens our capacity to feel love and compassion’. A gratifying, uplifting and ultimately life-affirming book that I highly recommend.”

—Jen Smat, BYGVNC Yogin

“I devoured Edge of Grace in two days. I found Prajna’s true story to be profoundly inspiring, beautifully written and a total page-turner. It’s been a little while since I was so totally captivated by a book.”

Eleanor Tara, Visionary Vedic Astrologer, Sebastopol, CA

I read Edge of Grace in three nights. It is filled with inspiration, great joy, devastation, courage, determination, insight and wisdom. The authenticity of Prajna’s story shines through in a way that touches the soul.

—Dena Sharrock, Anthropologist, Newcastle, NSW, Australia

“Prajna’s riveting account of her path through life’s greatest challenges simultaneously broke and healed my heart. It reminds me of the quote: ‘What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? The world would split open.’ Prajna’s telling of her truth is such a blessing to each reader, and the world.”

—A. Aldrich

Edge of Grace has had a profound effect on my life. It is rich with insights told through a deeply engaging and beautiful story about the challenges and joys of living. Prajna’s story of emotional healing has helped me to see many of my own patterns more clearly, to release them and to find a deeper sense of freedom.”

—Vishwam J. Heckert, PhD, London, UK

“Prajna has shared her self, her hardships and triumphs with ardent candor. She has walked through the fire and lived to tell her beautiful tale with grace and beauty. It is wonderfully written, with all the moods and flavors a human life entails. She gives me courage to stand quietly in the center of my life and see that it is exactly where I am supposed to be.”

—Leslie Tuchman, Ann Arbor Michigan

“A story overflowing with authenticity, vulnerability and the light of a wisdom rooted in real life, in the body and in a heart opened by pain to become a source of compassion for all. You will not be able to put it down!”

—Christine Mulvey, Ireland

“I read the Edge of Grace on the last day of the year, December 31st, 2014. After reading it I was ready to start the new year with more passion, more honesty, more kindness, more love, more spirituality, and definitely more GRACE! It was tremendously inspiring! I felt that after reading it I could do anything!”

—Celeste Wingerd, Grass Valley, CA

“You can’t put the book down once you start reading… If you are a seeker of enlightenment and understanding of Self in relationship to EVERYTHING, this will inspire you to allow life and surrender to whatever you face. You will never be the same again.”

—Patsy Laquaglia, Sacramento, CA

Edge of Grace celebrates reality, as it is, and invites the possibility of peace beyond measure. Highly recommended!

—Canela Michelle Meyers, Author of Right Here, Right Now Meditations

“Seldom have I read such a moving and genuine account of using life as one’s teacher. This is the story of a mother using the many challenges of helping her tiny daughters realize their full potential as her path of unfoldment. The joy, the tears and the spiritual insights of this inspiring journey touched my heart.”

—Coy F. Cross II, PhD, East Bay, CA

“For me, enlightenment involves both waking up to the way things are and waking down into your individuated human condition … Prajna’s book is an inspiration. After her awakening, the situation with her young family demanded she leave the mediation cushion and deal with challenges that would be daunting to anyone. I highly recommend you read this book to experience an example of what it really means to live an awakened life in our modern culture.”

Dr. Robert Garbellano,  Chiropractic Balance

“The beauty of human experience, in all its pain, laughter and confusion, revisited and transformed into liberation. Prajna has described with an open heart the strength of the human spirit to adapt to life’s most unexpected challenges, while reminding us that we each have a story worth sharing.”

—Richard Willis, Northern CA

“If you are looking for a spiritual tract based upon comforting platitudes and fuzzy sentiments, you will get whammed with unpredictable and messy life as it unfolded for Prajna over many years … there is indeed spirit, wisdom, tranquility, reflection, fairness and peace coming through this very personal account of what can happen before and after apparent awakening, but it is an everyday warrior women’s version of it delivered from the trenches of improbably demanding circumstances.”

—William Sebrans, Oregon House, CA

“A very moving, deep and raw journey of a mother’s love…. I found something throughout each chapter that in one way was applicable to any mother’s search to fulfill the needs of her children. I closed the last chapter ready to start reading the book again.”

—April Jeffcoats, Marysville, CA

“My words cannot convey how deeply touched and how grateful I am for the honesty with which Prajna wrote this book.  From her heart to my heart came laughter and tears along with validation, nurture and support just to be me.”

—Helen Connor, Dunfermline Scotland

“It is precisely at the edge of the abyss that we sense most clearly our Oneness with the author and Libby’s light. Well done. Superb read.”

William Jacobs, Heemskerk, The Netherlands

“Prajna’s words are the sweetest balm for a weary, battered heart. The treasures within this book will bring joy and comfort to many. It brought me much needed peace. Thank you.”

—Deborah Oberholzer, London, UK

“I am not a big reader but I read your book like a mystery thriller!!! (Even mystery thrillers, I don’t finish in three days). I enjoyed reading every page. Edge of Grace healed something within me. It taught me life lessons that I wouldn’t have learned in years of reading motivational books. My son wants to read your book!”

Meera Danday,  Attorney at Law, Sacramento, CA

“I read Edge of Grace. I am so full of praise. Lena couldn’t wait to read it. I am touched by how open you are about such a private and difficult experience. Well written too.”    

—Vladimir Strugatsky, Santa Rosa, CA

“This book is truly amazing. The complexities of our human experience are so perfectly described. A book of truth and inspiration. WOW!!!!!! Thank you for bringing Abby and Libby into our lives. Thank you for all the reminders. Thank you for being you. Love & Gratitude.”

—Sally Adams, Co-founder of Village Yoga Santa Cruz, CA

“Oh what precious medicine your book is.”

—Olivia Hearly, Santa Cruz, CA

Edge of Grace is so good! So readable, so vivid, such page-turner!”

—Dr. Seth Roberts, Houston, Texas

“Hey, Prajna. Got any tips on how to put your book down once someone has started to read it? I mean… seriously!”

—Steve Kube, North Carolina

“Edge of Grace wowed me on every level. Body, mind, spirit! I was captivated from the beginning. I cried, I laughed (out loud), I deeply felt every story… I came to life.”

—Jan Sander, Nevada City, CA

“I finished Edge of Grace in two days… This is a fantastic book that I plan to share …”

—Pat Wallace Honaker, Maryland, USA

“I am LOVING Edge Of Grace. I can’t put it down. It is making me think more spiritually about life, my own family and dharma. Thank you so, so much for this beautiful, painful, sweet, nourishing gift. So much love and gratitude.”

—Amanda Boughton, San Francisco, CA

 “What a great story Prajna. THANK YOU for sharing your story, your hope and your wisdom.  So blessed to know you and your family…LOVE&GRATITUDE:)”

Amy Mihal, Co-founder of Village Yoga Santa Cruz, CA

“I was instantly engaged in this book and lost sight of everything around me!  It is truly captivating, energizing, and inspiring!”

—Jill LeMasters, Indiana, USA

“I consumed your book in three days. You have woven the threads of your life together in an extraordinary symphonic tapestry. Thank you for living light with the feet so firmly on the ground.”

—Rachel Noble Gamolsky, Oregon House, CA

“My Mom took the book from me, she can’t put it down. We love it!”

Sophie Winegard, Grass Valley, CA

“I started out reading a few pages a day of Edge of Grace as I do with all spiritual books but was “compelled” to read it all in two days. I loved your book.  I felt I was living your life with you as I read page after page. An amazing story, joy and heartbreak all together. Thank you for everything…”

—Neel Chlysta, Grass Valley, CA

“Thank you for Your Book!! I just finished it. What a touching and amazing story! I am honored to have a glimpse into such a profound experience…thank you so much for sharing!!

—Kristen Miller, Eureka, CA

“Edge of Grace is an amazing read. Informative, heart-breaking, and very inspirational, all at the same time. I often did not want to put it down! Thank you Prajna!”

—Tonee Mosher, Therapist and Yoga Teacher, Wisconsin

“I read your book straight through in one day (very unusual for me) and loved it so much! Thank you! I’m going to send it to my brothers’ mom. I want to come to one of your events.”

—Steena Fairwind, Northern California

I started out reading a few pages a day of Edge of Grace as I do with all spiritual books but then was “compelled” to read it all the 14th and 15th of March. I loved your book. I felt I was living your life with you as I read page after page.  Joy and heartbreak,  all together. Yours is an amazing story. I bought a copy for me and my wife. Thank you for everything…. Andrew Neel Chlysta

“I SOOO enjoyed your book! I would love to work with a mother like yourself that is so pro-active in their special needs children’s lives and understands and values the importance of good food!!!”

—Charis Arlett, Retired Special Education Teacher, California

“I loved the book and read it from beginning to end in two days. What made it so powerful and unique to me is the perspective of the search for oneself in the mist of life’s biggest challenges of raising a family and how nothing is excluded in the search. This has helped me a lot in recognizing every challenge as a teaching even though I know it’s always has been like that.”

—Emma Lipschutz, New York, NY