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Living Awake Conversations with guest speakers is a deep exploration of the never ending mystery of who we, while at the same time resting as already complete. Here and not here; separate and not separate; unique and universal. These conversations and our online group grew out of Prajna’s 6 month “The Embodiment Intensive” (2006).

Rick Archer. Our conversation is about the “second wave” of non-dual spirituality, a more devotional integrated spirituality that honors embodied human values and is more open to an orientation of service and social justice in a world in crisis.

Grace Bubeck. Enjoy this conversation about illness in the body as an invitation for surrender.

Marlies Cocheret. This conversation is about bringing together Sexuality, Sensuality and the Silence of our Being in both women and men.

Anata Campbel. Our conversation focuses on what this means in terms of living enlightenment.

Ellen Emmet. Our conversation will focus on the awakening body and the role of therapy supporting embodied awakening.

Reenah Sun. Our conversation focuses on our relationship to sex and sexuality on the journey of being and meeting the deepest expression of who we are. See:

Isaac Shapiro and Meike. Our conversation will focus on embodied awakening in our relating and how presence impacts our nervous system.

Ananta Kranti. Our conversation focuses on integrating Self-realization in the sometimes painful and challenging ordinary facets of authentic living. See:

Luis Diaz. Our conversation will focus on how to release the trapped emotions from the past and facilitate positive shifts physically, mentally and emotionally.