Dear traveler, welcome to ‘Prajna’:

Fierce engaged living, the blade that cuts through delusion;
Sees with wholeheartedness, empowers you at your core.

Welcome to Your Roots

Prajna is much more than a name; it comes before conceptual knowledge. ‘Prajna’ means ‘direct knowing’, prajnahomeintuitive wisdom that is alive, beyond the mechanics of the mind. This is ‘what’ I am and ‘what’ you are before confusion. ‘Prajna’ cuts through the veils of illusion and guides us to our core existence, the reality of life, as it is.

I’m here to solidify your awakening by activating your ‘prajna’ — the core of you, prior to conceptualization and mis-identification.  Awakening to what you are is the first threshold in spiritual unfoldment: the gateway to a wholly new way of being in life. Activating ‘prajna’ cuts through remaining agitations with existence, bringing your feminine and masculine energies into balance. It actualizes a way of living that is fierce, wise, engaged and deeply fulfilling.

Are you ready to activate your ‘prajna’?

My Journey

“A true friend in the vastness.
May all beings benefit from Prajna’s dharma.”

~ Adyashanti, Open Gate Sangha

Prajna’s Professional Training