From our November 7 Day Silent Indegenious Healing Retreat

“Hi Prajna, Thank you so much for holding the space for the most incredible, enriching, challenging, emotional, funny and transformational week I have ever had.”

PS Bournemouth, England

“Dear Prajna, Your all pervading love and sharp sword of clarity have pierced deep layers of misunderstanding that had been so good at hiding before.
You have shown me the ridiculousness of my spiritual ego and how my obsession with healing and longing to be understood were keeping me trapped in an ego centered dream. I feel I have finally let go of all heaviness that I had related to the past and am now free to enjoy the great present of this wonderful life and the love and gratitude flowing through me.
You and your family shatter any Illusions that difficult life situations can get in the way of realization.”

LD Orgiva, Spain

“When I see your photo my mouth and eyes smile. I feel a deep gratitude and love inside. I am now living in a gentler, softer world. The sense of allowing and love that I realised during your retreat has given a different flavor to the relationship with my partner and to other beings around me. I can sit and listen with care and without judgment, or at the moment with less judgment. I feel the need in all of us for silence, peace and self recognition.
Thank you for the ‘fine tuning’. It has shown me how to inwardly step back or step behind, whilst holding my heart still open. This feels like letting go of fear and control.
Thank you my dear Prajna.”

RG, Orgiva Spain

“I’m very grateful for this retreat. Prajna holds a wonderful space that is both deep and caring. I felt very safe to go on a journey within myself under her guidance. I really recommend this retreat for anyone who wants a deep experience within themselves in a safely held space.”

DS Bristol, England

“Hi Prajna, Thank you for amassing
Sacred experience. Honestly I feel big shift in my life. I’m still unhappy, confused and kind of lost, but I am not taking it so seriously. I feel a power like never before and deep quiet. In “meditation” I processed enormous fears. Since then the space around my heart seems to be more full. I feel overall a subtle yet very good feeling in body. Thank you so much again.”

M.P. Czech Republic

“Dear Prajna,
It is hard to find the words to describe the power and magnitude of our retreat together last week. It is no exaggeration to say that it was life changing for me. This retreat has impacted my life in a way that no previous retreat has. I believe this was possible due to your genuine dedication to our healing and awakening, the inclusion of the sacred rituals and my own intention to give of myself fully to the process.

The schedule, the Satsangs and the ceremonies were all planned, organized and delivered to perfection. The retreat unfolded for me at a perfect pace with just the right ratio of silent sitting and sharing. Despite the fact that I felt there was nowhere to hide in your presence, I felt completely un-judged. The Satsangs were given with a piercing clarity that struck many a deep chord within me. I loved the personal anecdotes and humor that was weaved in with such humility.

However, for me, it was the sacred ceremonies that made this retreat truly special. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to experience the plant medicines in an environment that felt completely safe. I really appreciated the level of respect that was paid to the plants and the attention to detail with which the process was explained and carried out. I will never forget those two sacred ceremonies, which I simply can’t adequately describe in words. Suffice it to say that I felt a great healing took place and many insights were revealed. I felt that the inclusion of these ceremonies on this retreat allowed for a great bonding between the participants. I also loved that your family were present for and took part in the retreat.”

Mandy P. England

“Hi Prajna, Thank you for the wisdom you carry and for the immensely unique and healing experience. I had deep insight to motherly attachments and beliefs and co-dependencies, which were very revealing and freeing. Much love to you and to your beautiful daughters.”

E.C. Ireland

“Your gifts are many dear Prajna, and I am full of gratitude that you answered the call of the Plants so that you could open this sacred gift fully. Thank you for your courage to share and explore this swelling gift with us all. Deep bows.
Your guided meditations and gentle healings during the ceremonies shone a light on my remembering of this silent fathomless well that lies ‘with-in’. May I tumble fully!!!!
You are a true mirror Prajna.”

Julie, Ireland