Silent Healing Retreats

Weaving Silence, Satsang and Potent Meditations with the Healing Wisdom of Master Plant Teachers

WHEN: Retreat is held according to date on Event Calendar

WHERE: Areas listed in England, Ireland, North Carolina, California or Peru

Directions will be sent once your application and deposit are complete, thank you!

Retreat is a sacred opportunity to open within a deep well of silence—to clear and set free what no longer serves you— to integrate teachings, and walk forward in your life with both feet rooted in the ground of Being

Each retreat — a day, weekend or week long is unique and held in Silence with ample opportunity to explore deeply who you are and realize your innate potential. We begin with an orientation to the event. Satsang and silence are interwoven throughout to create a deep well of safety where clearing, healing, seeing, meditation, realization, and integration may unfold and take hold in your life.

The Value of Master Plant Teachers at part of your awakening/healing Sadhana, CLICK HERE to view a video talk/meditation with Prajna

 Silence—Your Timeless Essence is the foundation on all of our retreats, CLICK HERE to view a video talk/meditation with Prajna

• Recognize and clear unconscious blocks/shadows
• Rest out of mind to the deep well of peace within
• Nurture and align with the movement of your soul
• Clear and cleanse past experiences that cloud your vision
• Receive precise guidance to integrate plant and wisdom teachings to live your life with integrity
• Restore reverence, resiliency, wonder, awe, and laughter

CLICK HERE to watch 4 short video reviews of Retreat with Prajna

Retreat is for those who desire to unearth emotional, mental, karmic, ancestral blocks that hinder cultivating a deep realization of the truth of their being and the essence of reality. Prajna and her team create a soft safe place to land that provides sacred plant teachings, silence and a supportive container to cleanse, clear, empty out of emotional and mental content of the past so you can align with the movement of love living your soul. You will learn to cultivate potent practices, deep reverence for your walk in life, become more comfortable with the unknown, integrate simple yet profound teachings into everyday life, and to cherish yourself, your people, the earth.

Application and registration are required: see below, click “Apply Here,” indicate which retreat you want to attend, complete the form and submit. 

Retreat begins and ends: at the time listed on the Event Page. Once you complete your application, you will be given additional details, including accommodation, preparation, instructions for completing payment and directions.

Local contact host:  Is indicated on the event calendar for each retreat.

Accommodations: Are handled separately. You will be given instructions on how to register for accommodations if this is an overnight retreat lasting more than a day.

“Silence is our most potent intrinsic medicine, making liberation a possibility for all.” ~ Prajna

COST: Fee per retreat listed on the event

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After you have completed your application payment details will be sent to you. Thank you!

Accommodations are not included in retreat price.


“This is a beautiful, powerful and deeply healing retreat. You will be held and supported in the warmth of Prajna’s deep wisdom teaching and love to let go of whatever is in the way of you living life more fully and wholeheartedly. A month later the ripples of this medicine are still shimmering through me, opening my heart more and more into a freer and more expressive way of being. I am so grateful and so in love.”

Pemma, UK

“There are no words to express my deep gratitude for the powerful healing I received on Prajna’s retreat. My heart, mind, body and soul feel re-birthed, open and transformed. I sense this deeper fragrance of peace and serenity within, which is being mirrored back to me each and every moment. Prajna’s divine feminine healing gifts and deep awareness allowed each participant to feel held, supported and loved through sometimes difficult and painful past experiences. I would definitely recommend anyone who has an interest in awakening to their True Nature to attend one of her retreats as her commitment, strength, love and integrity is beyond reproach.”

Atreyi, Dublin Ireland

“ Your gifts are many dear Prajna, and I am full of gratitude that you answered the call of the Plants so that you could open this sacred gift fully. Thank you for your courage to share and explore this swelling gift with us all. Deep bows.
Your guided meditations and gentle healings during the ceremonies shone a light on my remembering of this silent fathomless well that lies ‘with-in’. May I tumble fully!!!!
You are a true mirror Prajna.”

Julie Ireland

“During the retreat I’ve gone through different states and experiences. I am grateful. I can face my shadow I have to face it if I want to have a stable base from which to deepen.
I feel much gratitude to you for your work, with great commitment and incredible beauty, difficult to forget.”

J.M. Granada, Spain

“Many thanks for your strength, energy, and the large responsibility and love that you have shown in every moment caring for us in the large retreat. I have very much enjoyed the silence, the calm, and the interior journey of healing and consciousness. I very much liked the guided meditations, the exercise of listening to presence, the rituals of recognition in the eyes of all and everyone in the ceremony.”

S.M. Orgiva, Spain

“Hi Prajna, Thank you for the wisdom you carry and for the immensely unique and healing experience. I had deep insight to motherly attachments and beliefs and co-dependencies, which were very revealing and freeing. Much love to you and to your beautiful daughters.”

E.C. Ireland

“I am happy to be alive, especially at this time to witness and be a part of this collective spiritual Renaissance. There is a tremendous freedom and peace in my being and more and more it doesn’t seem all that far away anymore. Just underneath the surface noise, it is there. I am just allowing this, stepping out of the way letting Being Be. Thank you for your weekly meditations :)”

A.J. England

“Thank you so much for holding the space for the most incredible, enriching, challenging, emotional, funny and transformational week I have ever had.”

B.S. Bournemouth, England

“Your all pervading love and sharp sword of clarity have pierced deep layers of misunderstanding that had been so good at hiding before…”

L.D. Orgiva, Spain

“I’m very grateful for this retreat. Prajna holds a wonderful space that is both deep and caring. I felt very safe to go on a journey within myself under her guidance…”

D.S. Bristol, England

“Retreat was the most powerful and transforming week of my life. I was so meant to be there. You are such a powerful facilitator. “

N.G. Ireland

“Hi Prajna
I feel deep respect for how you hold a circle and facilitate this work. I want to be more selective in what I bring into my life and what I serve. I am continuing the diet. I feel a strong call to do so. I take the tincture on daily base. It heals a lot. Things I wasn’t aware of in my system are presenting fully. But I can sit with this, descending into my body, looking at it, and feeling it. During the days I can do all practical things that I was postponing for quite a while, because I didn’t like to do them. It’s very fulfilling to scrap them from my list. My dreams are clear with much shifting. LOVE.”

K.V. Netherlands

“Hello Magic Woman,

After the retreat when I went home I noticed this quality of being present. When meeting people and talking to them, I saw them, heard them. I notice I’m present with them, with trees, with goats, with my sitting on the chair, with surrounding. Looking at the mountain I felt deep silence. I enjoy something I almost never and reluctantly did before, taking invitation by a neighbor to drink some chai and have a talk. I feel spontaneous, open. I find myself thinking, ‘I am very surprised of myself.’ Just feel empty now and hungry. You make this so simple, so direct. Thank you Prajna.”

J.R. Estonia, Europe

“Thank you – deeply – for this experience.

Loved the retreat. Silence was powerful – the energetic container it created gave so much power to the ceremonial space. On several occasions during your teachings, your words really penetrated deep into to me – I felt a true resonation with them – little boundary between us. I felt the indigenous healing ceremonies were very different to what I had experienced in other places. The way you orchestrated the night and tended to us was more free of boundaries, less of a gap — a greater closeness, of course your teachings and mentoring helped with this, but it felt very ‘close’ just in your being.

The sense of humor and light heartedness at times was great.

The interweaving and synergistic characteristics of the meditations, teachings, silence, plant teachers, group of people really culminated in an environment of accelerated processing for me, of constant learning (at times very challenging); it predisposed an energy and a mindset in me to be continuously open and receptive.”

Chris C. England

“Hi Prajna, Thank you for amassing Sacred experience. Honestly I feel big shift in my life. I’m still unhappy, confused and kind of lost, but I am not taking it so seriously. I feel a power like never before and deep quiet. In “meditation” I processed enormous fears. Since then the space around my heart seems to be more full. I feel overall a subtle yet very good feeling in body. Thank you so much again.”

M.P. Czech Republic

“I felt so expanded with such clarity at the retreat. Albeit with the mind still holding on to some of its more deep-rooted addictions and neuroses. I want to take that level of clarity and expansion into ordinary life.”

C.K. England
Space is limited. Registration may require brief interview with Prajna or her assistant for new particpants.


Prajna Ginty, MA Consciousness Guide, Hakomi Therapist, Carrier of Medicinal Sacraments. Prajna is a shaman’s apprentice traversing multiple dimensions.

“May all beings benefit from Prajna’s dharma.” ~ Adyashanti

Prajna translates as intrinsic heart wisdom — deep knowing that is contained within all of humanity. As an early student of Adyashanti and the non-dual wisdom traditions Prajna began offering teachings in 2001 from her direct experience as mother, friend, and lover of truth. Prajna serves as a catalyst for women and men to live this deep knowing by cherishing who they are in body, mind, heart and soul. She is known for her capacity to create sacred and safe spaces for weaving healing sacraments, wisdom traditions, potent meditations with silence on your journey to liberation, in alignment with the movement of your soul. Prajna mirrors back to you what you already know deep in side and offers keys for cultivating clarity, courage, aliveness, balance, reverence and deep roots in the eternal here and now.
Prajna has responded to the call of elder Curanderas within the Shapibo and Quechua Indigenous traditions. She has undergone numerous ‘Dietas’ (diets to receive the sacraments of medicinal plants), specifically sacred tobacco. She is honored to work closely with her mentors and assistants including Jeff Firewalker who often joins her to co-create potent retreats.
Author of the best selling book Edge of Grace, A Fierce Awakening to Love. Prajna is featured on Buddha at the Gas Pump, Conscious TV, … and much more. She hosts retreats in Europe, California, North Carolina and journeys to Peru. You can join her at a meeting, or online from her home in California where she lives at The Flowing River Sanctuary with her daughters and a growing community.


• Retreats are held in a deep well of SILENCE excluding sharing during Satsang, Sacraments, Healings and Dialogs.

• Prajna and her team offer a responsible weaving of Silence and Satsang with medicinal healing and offers potent guided meditations on themes directly related to where you are in your journey and how to integrate these teachings in your everyday life. We collectively cultivate the nature of reality and consciousness/love awakening in unity with universal healing properties of our sacred planet. 

• This is the registration page for multiple retreats. Click the link “APPLY” to register. More information and payment options will be sent to you. Please contact us with any questions.

Please read our booking terms and policy detailed below:

Deposit is non-refundable

Booking Terms: Retreats cancelled by you up to 2 weeks before the retreat starts: 100% of fee still applies.
Retreats cancelled by you up to 1 month before the retreat/workshop start date: 75% of the fee still applies.
Retreats cancelled by you up to 6 weeks before the retreat/workshop start date: 50% of the fee still applies.
If for any reason, we need to cancel a retreat/workshop, a full refund will be given or the booking will be transferred to another retreat/workshop.

Booking Policy: In the event of any unforeseeable circumstances, i.e. staff cancellations, adverse weather conditions, low bookings, maintenance work, mechanical faults, or other situations outside of our control, some amenities or courses described may become temporarily or permanently unavailable.
We reserve the right to make any changes to our program with regard to courses or facilitators. Alternative arrangements are offered to the best of our ability but, if not taken up, we do not accept responsibility for any costs incurred.

Liability Release:, Prajna, and any of Prajna’s assistants do not accept liability for this retreat or any other event; circumstances beyond our control; loss of, or damage to any of your personal property; medical or psychiatric conditions developing during or after your retreat.
We reserve the right to refuse admission to our retreat if, on arrival, participation appears to be inappropriate. We also reserve the right to ask any visitor to leave the venue if their behavior is disruptive to the function of the workshop/retreat or interferes with the rights and relaxation of others.