7 Day Silent Retreat in Hidden Paradise with Prajna

Weaving Indigenous Healing with Wisdom Traditions, Potent Meditations and Deep Care

WHEN: MAY 21 — 28, 2017

WHERE: Hidden Paradise Retreat Center, SPAIN

Are you ready to receive the profound transformational healing of master plant teachers held within a deep well of silence and the support necessary to integrate this and move forward on your journey?

Nurture and align with the movement of your soul

Clear shadow material that impedes connecting with your innate power and wisdom

Ground your awakening to meet challenge and beauty in ordinary life

Recognize unconscious blocks, clear, and integrate on solid ground

Let go of what is not needed and bring in support that sustains an embodied awakening

Restore reverence, wonder, awe, and laughter

Rest deeply in the heart of Silence

Cherish yourself, your people, mother earth and her medicine

“After a recent retreat with Prajna and Jeff Firewalker, I felt very clear, happy and filled with love. The medicine these two healers carry is steeped with plant wisdom that they’ve acquired from the Andes and Peruvian Curandero traditions. Together they combine wisdom teachings, meditations and decades of experience to bring a very effective and loving practice to every participant. They help you help yourself by generously offering knowledge, insight, direction and ample opportunities for abiding silence on your path of healing and liberation. Together they combine feminine and masculine energies to support full integration of human and divine, dark and light in your journey. I encourage anyone interested in an approach that is long lasting and doesn’t leave you feeling unmet to seek out Prajna and Jeff Firewalker. Together they are a driving force that brings love and clarity to our lives.” ~ R.L. California

“Working in ceremony with Jeff and Prajna was an intensely profound and deepening experience. They are both Beings of such integrity and depth that they are able to carry and deliver the wisdom of the plant teachings with utter grace, insight and compassion.

The individual limpiars / healings conducted during the ceremony were performed with absolute precision as they worked on physical, emotional and spiritual levels, working with and meeting each person exactly where they needed to be met.

It was such a beautiful experience to be held in and share ceremony with masters of great wisdom and humility – and I received teachings on so many levels. I can only express my gratitude.” ~ L.B. United Kingdom

This retreat is for those who desire to unearth emotional, mental, karmic, ancestral blocks that hinder cultivating a deep realization of the truth of their being and the essence of reality. Prajna offers a soft safe place to land that provides sacred rituals, silence and a supportive container to empty out of what no longer serves you and the movement of your soul. This is an opportunity to cultivate potent practices, reverence for your walk in life, become more comfortable with the unknown, and to cherish yourself, your people, the earth.

“Join me and my guest Jeff in a deep immersion to nourish the seed of truth inside of you and to cultivate healing power that is part of the fabric of the Universe. When we circle together in the power of presence, our healing and access to truth is magnified. We do not claim to heal or awaken individuals, as this is not our view of life. We have learned tried-and-true techniques that harness the power of presence and healing to happen in our collective unfolding. We will have time and space to integrate these deep processes at mind, heart, gut, in a way that empowers you to walk with courageous love and recreate your life.”   ~ Prajna

This retreat requires an application, and brief interview with Prajna to insure you are prepared. Please complete the application form or send a contact form with any questions you may have. Thank you!

“All Love eventually becomes liberation” ~ Prajna


$525 Early Bird Tuition

Registration begins January 1, 2017

(does not include transaction fees)

Accommodations arranged separately and not included with tuition

The full cost of$625 when registering after February 14, 2017


• Daily Satsang with Prajna

• Guest Tabaquero for sacraments from Inca Tradition

• Sacraments for deep immersion and healing

• Daily Guided and Silent Sittings (multiple daily)

• Personal attention with limpias

• Container of Silence

• Self guided yoga and authentic movement to music

• Follow up support for integration after retreat